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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 18, 2011 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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>> everyone in amanda's family loved her very much. per smile lit up the room. >> the family of a 19 year-old to india and a woman found beaten to death reacts as police announced they have a suspect in custody. good evening i am jackie baying. gaynor hall is alive with tonight's top story. >> we are not naming the suspect because he had not been charged yet but the 18 year-old is being held here at the port county
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jail and police say he will be charged with murder. >> to think that somebody could of tartar is unbelievable to us. >> employees are remembering their co-worker and friend, a 19 year-old amanda balk. >> she was one of the sweetest people you would ever meet. she always had a smile on her face, it's been really hard for the entire staff. at issue was last seen thursday night leaving her house to meet up with an 18 year-old man and now the prime suspect in her murder. early friday morning police found her car abandoned outside the store in a wheelchair with a flat tire the driver's door was open and her purse was still inside and then 3 mi. away yesterday afternoon her body was discovered near railroad tracks just 300 yds from the suspect's home in union township. in a quiet family, he had a lot of
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friends from the school i know that. >> at a press conference this afternoon porter county officials releasing few details in snow motors, they said the suspect was taken into custody though he is not believed to be a student at the school. >> this investigation is ongoing, there is a significant amount of work yet to be done pig and a memorial for a man the box sets aside porter high school and she graduates earlier this year into a family who organized a massive search effort in hopes of finding her is devastated. >> she was too beautiful for this world. and we will all miss her very much. >> police say box and body showed signs of trauma but to the cause of death is yet to be determined an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. >> of violent night in may wood,
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one person was killed and three wounded in two separate incidents. for a man was shot and killed and the 1800 block of 19th avenue, another man was wounded in both legs. less than two hours later and six blocks away a man and woman took multiple gunshots while parking their cars and were also taken to trial appeared police are asking for your help try to track down a pickup truck driver was struck and killed an elderly woman in jefferson parker's securities voters have been released and officials say they are looking for a dark blue or black ford, it has a ladder in its bed and a spare tire on their rear axle, the driver ran down just before noon yesterday it was the woman's 82nd birthday. anyone with information is asked to call police. chicago police have no suspects in custody in the south
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side shooting that left one man dead and another badly wounded. two men were shot this morning while they were walking in the 5800 block of south washington are in the cage park neighborhood. one of the man is believed to be in his 20s who was killed in the other is in critical condition. police are talking to a person of interest in a shooting that killed the man in the humble park neighborhood overnight it 24 year-old was walking in the 4800 block when someone fired shots from of passing car can have an argument with someone on the block before the shooting. he was pronounced dead at mount sinai hospital. chicago stricter curfew law for children takes effect tonight, the new rules require kids under the age of 12 to be inside by 8:30 p.m. sunday through thursday and by 9:00 p.m. friday and saturday unless
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they're accompanied by a guardian. children from 12-16 years old it stays the same. parents who repeatedly ignore this curfew law will face higher fines, up to $1,500. millionaires may have to start shelling out more when it comes to taxes tomorrow president obama will propose a new tax rate for those earning more than $1 million a year, it is called the buffett tax and it is part of the president's deficit reduction plan. >> pumice is pushing for his jobs bill and also proposing for a new top tax rate for millionaires, it is called to the buffett rule. the buffett role is named after billionaire investor warren
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buffett often says that wealthy americans don't pay enough in taxes. but some republicans say higher taxes will not fix the country's money problems and that it won't help create much- needed jobs. >> when you pick one area of the economy and say we're going to tax those people because most people are not those people that is class warfare. >> democrats have fired back saying those who can't afford it should pay more. am i wonder if john bender knows what it sounds like when he continues to say the position of the republican party in america is that you cannot impose one more penny in taxes on the wealthiest people, i wonder if he understands how that sounds and a high of to working families who are struggling paycheck to paycheck. >> the new tax plan would affect less than 1% of taxpayers president barack obama maintains it would ensure that wealthier people pay the same percentage as middle income americans. >> across the pond the wealthier also are targets of the taxman, the bbc reports that the british
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government is hiring 2000 extra tax inspectors to squeeze the nation's wealthiest citizens, inspectors will keep an eye on the 350,000 brits who made 2.5 million lbs. per year, a little less than 4 million american dollars. officials believe that crackdown on tax evasion will mean 7 billion lbs. over the next four years. some of the republican presidential hopefuls are reviving the idea of personally privatizing social security one candidate rick perry has described the program as a ponzi scheme, senator lense gramm says social security as well as medicare must be saved for future generations. >> that is what i want the republican party to do, with the camera in the eye and say that social security is a vital program, 50 percent of americans would be with and poverty without such security >> met ronni michele bachman
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rick perry and run paull all have social security proposals. still to come, the former head of the international monetary fund tells his story about the night he was accused of sexual assaults at in new york hotel. a potential snag in an attempt to free two american hikers jailed in iran. a hospital invites some of its favorite patients back for our reunion. this is not only the master of all droids, it's the master of all machines.
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the pastor and associate pastor of a church or hospitalized tonight after both were shot this morning. someone ran to the front door of the great early christian church and shot those men, the gunman was tackled and held until police arrived to suspected of shooting and killing another person and a home near the church. they are making progress in finding the cause of that deadly erase crash in reno nevada friday. they have completed their sweep of the crass crash site. >> identified video camera,
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memory card has been identified and investigators also found that this particular aircraft had a recording system which could be critical for us to perform analysis that would allow us to examine certain structural on medical issues. with the death toll at nine into nearly 70 others hurts nevada's are showing their support for those injured in friday's crash they rolled up their sleeves this weekend for a blood drive and nearby sparks nevada. the release of two american hikers convicted of spying and iran could be delayed because the judge is on vacation. the american he has been held in iran since 2009. israeli prime minister is not mentioning the word today
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saying flat out that a palestinian bid could become a member state of the united nations would fill, is really prime minister says he is confident palestine will be accepted because it won't pass and the u.n. security council israel and the u.s. and other governments have been cooperating together and that peace between israel and the palestinians will only be achieved through direct negotiation. the israeli prime minister is getting support today from house speaker john painter, he told the jewish national fund conference that the u.s. and israel share common interests. >> i sent the u.s. and israel remained prime targets for the terrorists from around the world, the recent anniversary of the 911 attacks, once again a reminder of the shared pain that we have both been through. >> palestinian leaders are expected to ask the u.n. for member status this coming friday. dominique strauss, is
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breaking his silence about the sexual assault charges off he faced, in an interview on french television the former head of the international monetary fund acknowledged moral weaknesses saying it was a consensual liaison but he denied any violence or aggression. the onetime french presidential hopeful was accused of sexual assault first by a housekeeper and in new york hotel and then an attempted rape charge made by a french journalist. strauss konz says both charges are allies into in the case of the french writer she is only after his money. i will have no intention of negotiating, >> american prosecutors dropped the housekeepers charges against stress, when her credibility was questioned dr. >> five people were killed in a
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paul won a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck the northern indian state of chicane near the border between the two countries countries. three quakes struck the region all within one hour and 15 minutes power outages blocked roads and downed phone lines were reported. emergency crews for despatched from different locations with at least for fighter jets carrying rescue officers to the area. tv's big night in hollywood some of the winners from tonight's emmy awards. and everything old is new again in theaters how it disney classic scored a box office wind. n.
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>> tv's biggest star is shining bright in hollywood tonight with the prime time emmy awards. some of the winners so far: best actress in accommodate melissa mccarthy. she is from illinois. best actor in a comedy for big bang theory. best actor julian margulies for the good wife. tune in to wgn morning show for complete coverage. scientists are keeping an eye on the sky for a falling satellite its mass is sixth on the upper atmosphere research satellite officials say is expected to plunge to earth this coming friday give or take one day the satellite launched in 1991 was
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decommissioned in 2005 when it ran out of fuel and its batteries died. more than two dozen pieces of the satellite are expected to survive reentry where they will land is anybody's guess. the chances of a piece hitting someone is one in 3200. the long rehabilitation of congress parkway enters its final stage last week. the chicago tribune reports that the last of the rehab will be done on the outbound it will cause major traffic ships overnight. there is still plenty of work to be done. the completion is in may of next year. chicagos pakistan community welcomes cook county grand marshal edits independence day parade, president tony preckwinkle led the way for the parade, there were about celebrating pakistan's independence, it
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became a sovereign nation in 1947 when the british and their rule of india. an emotional reunion for the little fighters into those who helped them, hundreds of families and former patients of rush university's medical center got together for an indoor picnic today former patients got together with doctors and nurses and hospital staff at the city's 37th annual grudge reunion. it included games and festivities and activities for the kids and sports memorabilia and of course lunch for everybody. prostate cancer survivors and their families put on running shoes to raise money and awareness about the disease this weekend. they took part in the seventh annual prostate cancer run into walk at lincoln park sunday morning, organizers offer to screen
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people for the disease for a simple blood test, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men this year team blew raised more than $100,000 to provide free services to survivors. your live illinois lottery drawing is next and after that jim ramsey will tell us when the sun will return. >> i am dan roan tonight on instant replay, as impressive as the bears were last week they were every bit as inapt in new orleans today. the packers coming up next. also today they played through the rain drops in the final round of the bmw but it was never dry enough to get nascar's chase underway in joliet. those stories ♪ ♪ [ woman
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♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy. eighth in the studio we were all complaining how gloomy a was we want to the sun back. >> it is cloudy and gloomy. we have had a lot of drizzle out there. o'hare has picked up 19 hundredths of an inch of
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rainfall so it is not a big grain producer but we may have more rain on the way and i will share the radar pictures in just a moment the time lapse cameras show a lot of clouds around and what appears to the misty fog developing and in fact we do have some reports of some fog across the area, we have a busy looking radar picture at the moment. gulf moisture feeding up right through the mississippi valley toward the chicago area, this is the rain that pushed through the chicago area earlier today and noticed there is still lot of activity down to the south. big thunderstorms and parts of texas and oklahoma and as we zoom in take a look at this, fairly impressive thunderstorms trekking to the north and east that will probably make their way into the chicago area and a couple of hours. the computer depiction suggest we may see a lingering showers tomorrow
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morning and by tomorrow afternoon good news, and looks like we will have sunshine in the area. the rain prediction here is a one-quarter of an inch along the lakefront. further to the west the rain does not appear to be impressive. temperatures across the area tonight and this is significant because these are the warmest numbers we have seen all day today, has been in the low 60s for much of the past couple of hours but during the afternoon we plan to get out of the '50s but look at two. temperatures still in the '60s we are approaching 100 percent relative humidity. that is a recipe for fog. notice visibility across the area it is well below the traditional 10 mi. limit generally running about one quarter of a mile or so. a lot of clam weather conditions.
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these winds are beginning to leighton speeds have fallen below 10 mi. per hour. expect to encounter since august your traveling at night. the bigger story may be those approaching thunderstorms over the next few hours. let's check our forecast for tonight. skies across the area are cloudy. rain and drizzle. possibility of fact fog with a low temperature of 60-62. monday night mostly clear skies cold temperatures or coulees 40-56 degrees with a little fog possible. an evening shower would be the result of some approaching cold air that is really going to cost the temperatures to drop. take a look at thursday's high temperature, we're looking at a
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daytime high that may well get into the upper 50s and that is about it, by the weekend expect temperatures return to the '70s probably mid-70s on saturday and sunday up to about... 78 degrees. a nice looking stretch of whether to come. but we're going to get quite a cool down. >> today's cool wet weather probably did not sit well with one group of runners. they're interesting style choice. coming up.
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well, you don't need one. flu shots. every store. every day. insurance accepted. get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. young dancers tried out today for a chance to take part in a holiday tradition children ages 9-14 auditioned for the annual production of the nutcracker, the young dancers are from chicago and the surrounding areas including michigan and indiana. the chosen roles for the production will begin auditions on october 1st. a special roche hashana lesson
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today. they watched as a ram horne was being cured measured sawed it in drilled and polished. it is a semi musical horn used on yom kippur war. and they also got a chance to make their own. the king is back on the throne and no. 1 at the box office. you have seen the lion king before but not like this, the line can 3-d earned more than $29 million this weekend. hear some of the other box office winners. [ man ] did we get anything
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stop killed to fanatics from donning their favorite garments this year there were also hoping to break a guinness book of world records for attendance at a kilted race events. don't know if they got it. that is the news for this sunday night instant replay with dan roan is coming up next. ♪ ♪ whoa! do you know what our favorite part of shooting hoops is? 3...2...1...
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